Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Break

Diva is officially on winter break from school starting today, which means Munchie Mom is on break too.  I have Mondays off, so today, by Diva's request, we painted cookies.  We started doing this either last year or the year before, and she really enjoys it.

I saw the idea from the Pioneer Woman, and we use her recipe, except I've had to double the amount of milk because my dough always ends up coming out too dry.  For the painting part I also substitute egg beaters to egg yolks, mostly for the ease of just measuring the egg beaters (I use about 2 tbls per color), the pasteurization thing, and they also seem to color with the food coloring a little truer than the straight egg yolk.

The cookie cutters were passed down to me by my sister-in-law.  They are classic, but also a little tricky to get to cut and get out of the cutter too.  This year I used a cooking spray / flour combo that helped for the most part.  I really want these (hint, hint anyone that needs to still get me a gift!).

Here's Diva, ready to paint!

and here's her bear before and after.  She likes to paint carefully and lightly, but the more you pile on the egg wash, the better.

and I had to get in on the action too- my Kermit before and after

We haven't added icing yet... I'm not sure if I will.  They are pretty tasty without really.

If you haven't tried cookie painting- do it!  It's really fun for kids!

With the holiday break I won't be back to posting until Tuesday, January 3.  I hope that you all have Happy Holidays!  Thanks for reading my little blog, and supporting me in my crazy snacks too!  It really is your encouragement that keeps me going.

Munchie Mom (Kristen)

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