Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 24

Pear-py  (Yeah, I went there!)

Pear puppy head, body, paws, tail and bone, fruit snack tongue and ears, mini chocolate chip eyes, M&M nose

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 22

Day 22
Boat  (another Diva request)

green grape and pretzel fish sea, trisket boat, cheese stick mast, cheese mini sail, fruit roll up main sail

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Days 20 and 21

Day 20
A shower
This was special request by Diva.  (Note to self, you never know what you are going to have to try and create when you let a 5.5 year old do the picking).  She's recently been into taking showers over baths, so that is where the fascination comes from.

string cheese tub, wheat thin stick shower head holder, 1/2 green grape shower head, blue sprinkle water, pretzel stick shower curtain holder, fruit roll up shower curtain, mini vanilla wafer head and hand decorated with edible marker, part of a trisket that is supposed to be hair

Day 21
(I realize a guitar has 6 strings, but putting 6 on there crowded the pear.  You get the point.  :-) )

pear half with seeds removed by a corer, pear headstock, string cheese strings, pretzel bridge, pretzel tuners (and yes, I had to google the official part names)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4

We are finally catching up to real time, where I'll start posting one picture per day.  Here's this week's munchie fun!

Day 15

mini pita face, with edible marker for freckles, nose, and smile, whole wheat mini pita body, arms and legs, sprinkle cheeks and in ears, marshmallow eyes with edible marker pupils, wheat thin stick branch with cut up fruit snack leaves, pretzel tail  (served with a yogurt tube to round out the carbs!)

Day 16
Kermit the Frog

green apple face and neck, peach slice mouth, marshmallow eyes colored with edible marker, Puffs around the plate

Day 17
Miss Piggy

peach face, nose and ears, mouth colored with edible marker, marshmallow eyes, marshmallow necklace, string cheese hair

Day 18
School Bus

Banana bus, chocolate chip stripes, vanilla wafer tires, graham cracker doors and review mirror, cheese it windows, cinnamon schoolbook cookies from Trader Joe's for ABC and 123

Day 19
Cucumber body, tail, and legs, marshmallow eye with edible marker, orange mouth

Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 3

The fun continues!
Day 10

green apple frog body head and eye base, chocolate chip eyes, heart sprinkle cheeks, raspberry heart, blue round sprinkles
(this one is my favorite so far!)

Day 11
Sleepy Sheep

cauliflower sheep body, grape head, chocolate chip legs, Wheat Thin stick fence, veggie dip moon in a cupcake liner

Day 12
Turtle family

raspberry and blueberry flower top right, kiwi turtle bodies, grape heads, blueberry feet, kiwi tails, raspberry bow

Day 13
Tennis racket and ball

kiwi tennis ball, cheese slice and wheat thin stick racket head, string cheese stick handle

Day 14
I call this one "Playing Fair".  Goofy is NOT a Buckeye fan, so I showed a little support for his team too.

Watermelon West Virgina state shape cut with a cookie cuter, flying WV logo out of bananas

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 2

After the first week I told Diva that I'm just going to do the "picture snacks" as she calls them on Mondays.  I'm off on Mondays so figured I would have the time.  Tuesday came with no picture snack and much disappointment.  Plus, since Diva then got a snack of her choosing, she wanted cookies, oreos, and other junk.  I thought, if I had just made a fun snack, she would be eating it and we could avoid this battle all together.  So after a day of hiatus, I got back to making munchies.

Day 7
Teddy Bear

Cinnamon sugar toast bear cut with a circle cookie cutter, banana ears and paws, teddy grahams around the plate, sprinkle eyes, blueberry nose

Day 8
Flower Garden

Cucumber flowers cut with crinkle cutter, yogurt covered raisin stems, mandarin orange sun

Day 9
Nintendo DS- special request from Diva

Cheese quesedilla with indentations make with a toothpick, blueberry buttons, sprinkle buttons, propped up by strawberries (can't see in picture), fruit roll up stylus
(P.S. I did not make the pink one!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The First Week

Well, here is where it all began.  With a simple smiley face--

Day 1

Grape eyes and nose, strawberry mouth, mini marshmallow hair.

Day 2
Then we moved on to a kitty cat.

Strawberry ears, nose and mouth, mini marshmallow whiskers, grape eyes.

Day 3

pineapple sun, grape caterpillar, carrot eyes, cucumber antenna, pea pod grass

Day 4

watermelon wings, grape body, pineapple antenna

Day 5

pear body, raisin eye, string cheese spout, goldfish friends

Day 6
First Ohio State game.  Go Bucks!

watermelon Block O, soy butter and jelly Brutus cut with circle cutter, apple hat, chocolate chip eyes and nose, apple mouth, chocolate chip OSU


Welcome to Munchie Mom!  I started to share my snack pictures on Facebook, and received a lot of positive feedback.  So this blog is born out of that encouragement.  Thanks peeps!
I hope you all enjoy my creations, and also that you replicate them at home or make some of your own.  Fruits and vegetables have great simple shapes, but usually with a lot of texture to them too.  It makes it interesting.  In the end, you can add eyes to about anything and tell a kid it’s a smiley face.  Good to go!
My process
My process is fairly simple.  I usually ask Diva the night before if there is something specific she wants me to make as a snack.  If not, I try to think of something I can make that will
1.  Be fun for her 
2. Will be fairly healthy
3.  Things she will eat  (she’s a decent fruit and veggie eater, and doesn’t mind her food touching!)
4.  Use what I have on hand
I don’t buy specific food for the snacks, but try to use what I have on hand.  That being said, I have a fairly well stocked kitchen as far as cookie cutters, sprinkles, cutting tools and supplies. 
Sometimes I may sketch the idea out, just to make sure it will work because- here’s the thing- I make the snacks in about 15 minutes.  I get home from work about 2:20-2:25 p.m. and Diva gets off the bus at 2:50.  By the time I get in the door, put my stuff down, and get out supplies, it doesn’t leave much time to make it perfect.
As far as supplies, to date I’ve really only needed a cutting board, vegetable peeler, knife, circle cookie cutter, crinkle cutter, food, sprinkles, and food safe markers.  Not too bad!
A lot of friends have asked if I come up with the ideas on my own.  For the most part, I do.  I don't have a step by step crazy snack guide to follow, but I do have places of inspiration. I haven't yet really found something online and replicated it.  That may happen though as the school year wears on!

Play With Your Food

I hope you enjoy the blog and have fun following along in our snack adventure!