Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The First Week

Well, here is where it all began.  With a simple smiley face--

Day 1

Grape eyes and nose, strawberry mouth, mini marshmallow hair.

Day 2
Then we moved on to a kitty cat.

Strawberry ears, nose and mouth, mini marshmallow whiskers, grape eyes.

Day 3

pineapple sun, grape caterpillar, carrot eyes, cucumber antenna, pea pod grass

Day 4

watermelon wings, grape body, pineapple antenna

Day 5

pear body, raisin eye, string cheese spout, goldfish friends

Day 6
First Ohio State game.  Go Bucks!

watermelon Block O, soy butter and jelly Brutus cut with circle cutter, apple hat, chocolate chip eyes and nose, apple mouth, chocolate chip OSU