Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4

We are finally catching up to real time, where I'll start posting one picture per day.  Here's this week's munchie fun!

Day 15

mini pita face, with edible marker for freckles, nose, and smile, whole wheat mini pita body, arms and legs, sprinkle cheeks and in ears, marshmallow eyes with edible marker pupils, wheat thin stick branch with cut up fruit snack leaves, pretzel tail  (served with a yogurt tube to round out the carbs!)

Day 16
Kermit the Frog

green apple face and neck, peach slice mouth, marshmallow eyes colored with edible marker, Puffs around the plate

Day 17
Miss Piggy

peach face, nose and ears, mouth colored with edible marker, marshmallow eyes, marshmallow necklace, string cheese hair

Day 18
School Bus

Banana bus, chocolate chip stripes, vanilla wafer tires, graham cracker doors and review mirror, cheese it windows, cinnamon schoolbook cookies from Trader Joe's for ABC and 123

Day 19
Cucumber body, tail, and legs, marshmallow eye with edible marker, orange mouth

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