Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 3

The fun continues!
Day 10

green apple frog body head and eye base, chocolate chip eyes, heart sprinkle cheeks, raspberry heart, blue round sprinkles
(this one is my favorite so far!)

Day 11
Sleepy Sheep

cauliflower sheep body, grape head, chocolate chip legs, Wheat Thin stick fence, veggie dip moon in a cupcake liner

Day 12
Turtle family

raspberry and blueberry flower top right, kiwi turtle bodies, grape heads, blueberry feet, kiwi tails, raspberry bow

Day 13
Tennis racket and ball

kiwi tennis ball, cheese slice and wheat thin stick racket head, string cheese stick handle

Day 14
I call this one "Playing Fair".  Goofy is NOT a Buckeye fan, so I showed a little support for his team too.

Watermelon West Virgina state shape cut with a cookie cuter, flying WV logo out of bananas

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