Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 2

After the first week I told Diva that I'm just going to do the "picture snacks" as she calls them on Mondays.  I'm off on Mondays so figured I would have the time.  Tuesday came with no picture snack and much disappointment.  Plus, since Diva then got a snack of her choosing, she wanted cookies, oreos, and other junk.  I thought, if I had just made a fun snack, she would be eating it and we could avoid this battle all together.  So after a day of hiatus, I got back to making munchies.

Day 7
Teddy Bear

Cinnamon sugar toast bear cut with a circle cookie cutter, banana ears and paws, teddy grahams around the plate, sprinkle eyes, blueberry nose

Day 8
Flower Garden

Cucumber flowers cut with crinkle cutter, yogurt covered raisin stems, mandarin orange sun

Day 9
Nintendo DS- special request from Diva

Cheese quesedilla with indentations make with a toothpick, blueberry buttons, sprinkle buttons, propped up by strawberries (can't see in picture), fruit roll up stylus
(P.S. I did not make the pink one!)

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