Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photography Help

Diva is becoming the social butterfly and has another play date after school today.  It ends up working out well, because I am battling a cold today and am wiped out.  I have 2 more Halloween snacks planned for this week- so stay tuned!

I could use help from one of you though--I'm having trouble getting the top down pictures of my snacks not have too much glare.  Any recommendations on camera settings?  I try and use the natural light from the window as much as possible, and the ISO high sensitivity setting seems to be the best option.

I take decent pictures, but am by no means a photographer and don't have a fancy camera.  I can manipulate some settings.  Any suggestions?  Better angle?  Customized settings?  Food photographer that can swing by at 2:20pm each day?

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