Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yo Momma

Diva has Thursday and Friday off from school, so I also have a break from snack making.  I need to regroup and do some brainstorming.  Leave a comment if you have an idea or suggestion!

It’s interesting some of the replies I’ve gotten on the snack ideas.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the general consensus is that of “cool!”.  (Did that make me sound like I went to college in the 90’s.  Well, I did, so there.  College in the 90’s was cool).  What’s struck me is how my snacks, which I would say are far from the average bear, are not a typical child’s snack.  It’s a way for me to be creative.  It’s by no means a reflection of bad parenting on your part, or better parenting on mine.
Let me say that again, because I make crazy snacks and you don’t does not mean you are a bad mom.
It’s the mom guilt.  Why does it have to be ever present in our lives?  Your child will suffer no harm from not having a snack shaped like a frog.  Promise.  
We beat ourselves up.  We see something someone has done and we either want to do it, or don’t have time to do it, or for some reason it makes us feel that we aren’t doing our best as a mom.  I don’t think most of us on any given day feel like Super Mom.  BUT WE SHOULD.
We are all different.  We are all parents.  We all have our talents.  We are all parenting the best way we can and know how.   Tell yourself that every day.  And be the best you can every day.
Hmmm… wonder if I can make a Super Woman snack…

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